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Leigh O’Brien is a successful property developer, hotelier and themed restaurant and pub owner, with over 25 years experience operating in the hospitality and building industries in Australia. As Executive Producer and Producer, Leigh O’Brien is also the originator of the animation concepts and key characters and is responsible for final creative sign-off.

Current Plans

Currently, Leigh O’Brien is working to merge his hospitality experience with the inherent brand value and likability of the Ettamogah Mob by duplicating its’ established success and rolling out further Ettamogah branded properties. He is doing this through the expansion of the hugely successful Ettamogah Pub in Albury and by opening, venues around Australia including an Ettamogah Pub in Alice Springs and Northern New South Wales, an Ettamogah Grill House and Bar in Melbourne, with several other sites being considered.

Future Plans

Given the proven popularity and recognisability of the characters, there is huge potential for future growth, both in the Australian market and globally.

After the success of the Ettamogah Pub in Kellyville NSW, Leigh O’Brien has re-designed the concept to create the Ettamogah Entertainment Centre. This is a destination venue, which includes an Ettamogah Pub with a family restaurant and large children’s play area, a sportsman’s bar, an outdoor garden cook your own barbecue area, 4 digital 80 seat cinemas, a bowling alley, candy and ice-cream shop and more. Some of these Entertainment Centres will also include hotel accommodation with function areas, an auditorium, gym, supermarket and wine bar attached to a large liquor barn.

Working with an established and highly experienced franchise team, it is Leigh O’Brien’s goal to have 100 Ettamogah Pub outlets and 50 grills in United States in the next 10 years, of which 80% would be franchised and 20% would be company owned, as well as 50 company owned Entertainment Centres. At the same time in Australia our goal is for 100 Ettamogah Pub outlets, 30 Grill Houses and 20 Entertainment Centres, along with a number of independent merchandising outlets in Australia and globally.

A production company will leverage the Ettamogah characters and recommence production and sales of the original Lil’ Larrikin’s television show as well as further animated series, already in development.

Leigh O’Brien’s goal is to publicly list the business as an Entertainment Company in the United States or the United Kingdom within 5 to 8 years.

ISKANDAR EAST DEVELOPEMENT – Design and planning by Leigh O’Brien