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The Ettamogah Group was founded in 1994 by Managing Director, Leigh O’Brien. After observing first hand the popularity and public recognition generated by Ken Maynard’s cartoons, Leigh O'Brien acquired all intellectual property rights to the concept including the library of over 1500 cartoons, concepts and artwork.
The word "ettamogah" means "a place of good drink"
After acquiring the Ettamogah Pub Mob rights, Leigh O'Brien has turned these iconic characters into a multi-faceted enterprise that includes company owned and franchised themed restaurants, pub venues, merchandise and animation production.
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The Ettamogah family was born in the late 1950's when cartoonist Ken Maynard published a series of cartoons in The Australasian Post.
Ken MaynardPost Magazine
‘The Ettamogah Mob’ cartoons, an iconic series of weekly cartoons, were published in the national magazine for nearly 50 years
As a boy Ken would cycle around a water hole called Ettamogah, a word meaning 'place of good drink'. This struck Ken as an ideal name for a pub and this led to the infamous Ettamogah cartoons which encapsulate the essence of Australian larrikinism.

The Ettamogah Pub, is one of many family friendly establishments in Australia or ‘Downunder’ as folks like to call it.

You are invited to come walkabout, discover a slice of Australian history, join the mob at one of our terrific Ettamogah venues and meet the rest of the Ettamogah family."

Mission Statement

“To be a leading producer and provider of entertainment and information. Using our brand, we aim to differentiate our content, services and consumer products to develop creative, innovative and profitable experiences and related products around the world.”
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    We took Ken Maynard's drawings and made it alive with 2D & 3D cartoons for both children and adults entertainment. 
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    Ettamogah Group Franchising has several versions or concepts, geared to match most any market price tier and real estate development, from shopping malls and hotels, to theme parks, and airports to college campuses.
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    A wonderful array of fun filled merchandise for the whole family.
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