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Ettamogah Group Franchising has five versions or concepts, geared to match most any market price tier and real estate development, from shopping malls and hotels, to theme parks, and airports to college campuses. The restaurant and retail concepts are based on Ettamogah’s rich Australian history.
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Cunderdin WA
Trust in the Ettamogah brand is secure, and the message is “we want more”.
Plans are to bring Ettamogah worldwide through media at all levels: animated full features, retail outlets, theme parks, and an aggressive Franchising division that brings Ettamogah to your neighbourhood and beyond, to the U.S., Asian, and European markets.
Kellyville Ridge NSW
With top quality full service restaurants, taverns, grill house and bars, Ettamogah’s International Franchising division differentiates itself in the multi-tiered international market.

Ettamogah Franchising is a new dining experience, with great food and excellent service. These are the reasons why customers come back and add a restaurant to their permanent list of “go to” places.
Ettamogah’s classic art animation and bold colour styles make the concepts instantly familiar and also memorable. Australians have a strong affinity for the Ettamogah cast of characters who reflect their lively culture; this translates well to a world-wide population, young and old.

Who doesn't love the Aussie philosophy of life? Their work-hard- play-hard and straight-talkin’ culture is captured and uniquely portrayed in the Ettamogah characters. No matter what your culture you can relate to life’s challenges portrayed in Ettamogah’s humorous way.
Franchising is a natural brand extension of Ettamogah, and ever frequently the setting of Ettamogah characters encountering life in their local restaurant or pub.

This is the setting where Aussies and Australia lovers worldwide can taste, feel, and touch the Aussie culture through Ettamogah’s full service restaurants, pubs, and fast casual outlets. 

Without travelling to Australia the entire family, business associates, or those just needing a quick meal, can enjoy authentic Aussie cuisine in an authentic Aussie setting.

Ettamogah reflects the Australian’s outlook on life and carries over into the dining and drinking culture of Australians at all levels.
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The Ettamogah Pub and Family Restaurant

The Ettamogah Pub and Family Restaurant is the original Aussie icon, has great Australian food based on traditional Aussie favorites the whole family will love. Included in the dining experience is an atmosphere from Aussie outdoor life, Australian fauna and wildlife is unique from any other continent. As in the Aussie culture all of Ettamogah is about family, friends, kids, who gather and feel welcome.
There is an Ettamogah character for every age group, young to old, and reminiscent of the old yet still new appeal of the characters of Disney. Ettamogah pubs are free standing tourist attractions located alongside major highways and themed strongly around the external architecture of the Ettamogah Mob cartoon Pub.
  • Albury Ettamogah Pub
    Pubs & Restaurants

    Ettamogah Grill House and Bar

    Ettamogah Grill House and Bar is the next generation back ground where high quality steaks, ribs, and seafood are served in an upscale dinner house setting by highly trained servers. 

    The design is contemporary Australian, where classic “collectible quality” Ettamogah animation artwork matches the taste of big-spenders in an elegant atmosphere.
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    Ettamogah Tavern

    For hard working men and women who enjoy the luxury of a great meal, cold draft beer, or chilled wine after a hard day’s work. Today the same spirit of work-hard-play- hard permeates not just the Aussie culture but a growing worldwide market.
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  • Ettamogah Grill House & Bar Concept

    Ettamogah Entertainment Centre

    Themed amusement parks. Ettamogah’s cast of characters are Australia’s mini-Disney and precisely the vision for the future of Ettamogah. 

    Fifty years of Ettamogah creative cartoon strips launched a new cache of animation in next generation short and feature length formats. 

    Ettamogah has a cast of characters that appeals to all age groups; there is something for everyone.
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